Season 5 'Halloween' Special
Slated as a "fan appreciation" episode due to air on October 21, 2014, during ABC Family's "13 Nights of Halloween" the special will feature the cast and crew of Pretty Little Liars, discussing some of the most unforgettable moments on the show and answering fan questions.
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Rosewood Insider: A PLL Magazine
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Hey little liars!

Here is an interview with Troian (Spencer Hastings) via Interview Magazine! :)

ILANA KAPLAN: Just to get right into it, how did you get your name?

TROIAN BELLISARIO: It’s a family name. It was a surname on my father’s maternal side. It means “woman of Troy.”

KAPLAN: Have you met another Troian?

BELLISARIO: No, I’ve met a couple of Troys. I’ve never met any other Troians. I’ve only been told of them.  I came really close. One of my best friends in elementary school went to a different school. Her math teacher heard about my name, and she was going to name her kid that. I remember this whole week where I was freaking out that there was going to be another Troian in the world.

KAPLAN: What has been the most interesting part of playing Spencer?

BELLISARIO: I guess it’s the Nancy Drew elements of it. The show is a little bit of a teen soap opera, with all of the relationships that we have and all of the things you uncover about the town. I think it’s really interesting for me to constantly be playing mystery and finding all of these clues. It involves a lot of late nights in the jungle, staring at clues and wondering. It’s an interesting role to play. It’s also something I feel like I relate to at this point in my life. It’s also kind of like living in purgatory, in a sense.

KAPLAN: Will there be a lot more Spencer and Toby action this season?

BELLISARIO: Yeah! I don’t really know where they’re headed, because I feel like the whole purpose of living in such a twisted place, and setting on a TV show in such a dark place as Rosewood, is that nothing good can last for long. They seem to be doing really well. I’m so interested in the way that their relationship changes. They’re so romantic and so supportive of each other, because of what they’ve been through. The writers were so proud when they brought Spencer and Toby together. Toby and Spencer were the first relationship that took an entire season to develop. I think they have a lot more to go through.

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So, little liars, do you think Troian is the perfect Spencer, or do you think someone else should’ve gotten the part? Personally, I think that Troian is an AWESOME Spencer! She is so preppy and sarcastic! She can be serious one scene and comedic the next! COMMENT!

Source: Interview Magazine

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